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I would like to hear from you, too. I must admit that praise for what I've written is uplifting, so feel free to send a kind note if you are so inclined, but more important to me as a writer is honest, thoughtful feedback from readers. Sometimes I will agree with what you say and sometimes I won't, but I will always consider your ideas seriously. You may send me a note by going to the MEET LOWEN page. —Lowen


I am a 74 years young retired Special Agent, Army Counterintelligence Corps. I read a lot, half price paperbacks from the bookstore at Bellevue Library. Relatively new to Seattle, I look for stories laid in the Pacific Northwest. Third and Forever is an outstanding tale to be reread to try and enjoy all the turns. I will look for your earlier books, even buy them at Barnes & Noble if necessary. The liner notes say you own a business in Ballard. I think you can quit your day job and write more about Murphy, Stevens and the Seattle you know. I've written one other 'fan' letter in my life; you really got to me. Best regards,    Bill Ward


"Second Watch was my best read in a long time. Tragedy, loss, hope, love written pure and true. Life and art so perfectly matched, I look forward to more. You have a unique gift, I am a grateful recipient."        —Gary Murphy

"This is the first time that I have felt that I just had to write an author to tell him how much I enjoyed reading his work. I have just finished reading Second Watch and have enjoyed it so much that I feel sorry that I missed reading your first novel, which I will correct next time I go into town and pick up your latest one as well. I read at least one book a week and I was looking for new authors that I might enjoy when a friend lent me her copy of Second Watch. I thought I would let you know that you have just earned yourself another fan in Canada who is looking forward to reading a lot more of your books."        —Anne Lefebvre

“I just finished First Avenue, and loved it. I picked it up on a discount table.  That seems a waste of an awesome book, by an obviously excellent author. It’s one of those books you hate to finish! I'm a voracious reader and really enjoyed your character development. . . I look forward to reading all your next books as well. Thanks for a great read!”   Dorethy Noble

“I purchased both of your books - cop stories, my favorites. You ‘tell it how it is’. I was in various facets of law enforcement for thirty years and I could see every scene as it unfolded! I COULDN'T PUT EITHER BOOK DOWN UNTIL THE END! Now, you have to go on writing, as I need more!”  —Reg Dunning

"Clausen is a good writer and the story of First Avenue has the rich detail that only a real cop could put into a crime story. On the other hand, the story is just too low key. For sure, most police yarns have action that is far over the top, but in First Avenue, Clausen has gone the other way. In the end, the book is well-written, but ultra slow paced."      —Loren Christensen

“Hurry, hurry, please write another book.  These books deal with real issues and emotions. Love your characters.  Keep up the good work.”   —Virginia O’Brien

“You really captured the sea salty misty musty ambience of the waterfront district so well in First Avenue. Keep writing!”  —Judy Stallings

“Thanks so much for sending the release information on your last book in the Seattle trilogy.  I can hardly wait to get a copy in my hot little hands.  Of over 200 books read this year, I have yet to find even one that I could rate as a *5* star book, a first for me.  Looks like you and Grace will be saving the day and I will finally have my number one read.  Though I am thrilled by news of the release of number three in the trilogy, I hope this doesn't mean that you are 'retiring' from writing.  I would hate to think your fans will not be able to look forward to something new from you.  Thank you so much for the wonderful books in this series.”                  —Sherry Sharp

"This is one of those books about which I'm feeling guiltily ambivalent. On the one hand Clausen has skillfully drawn characters that are sympathetic to the reader. The storyline accurately emphasizes the low key, almost non-existent, drama of a big city police beat.  In FIRST AVENUE, the crime under investigation is almost incidental. It's certainly quaint.  Intellectually, I can say that the author did a first-rate job recreating the physical and human environment of that Seattle location. On the other hand the book is just too low key. Maybe it's just me, too jaded from previous potboilers with way-too-clever endings and an excess of unlikely action.   I suspect that Clausen intends FIRST AVENUE to be the first in a series. If that's the case, I'll likely buy the next in the series, but do hope that Lowen picks up the pace a bit."    —Joseph Haschk

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Second Watch. I picked up your book just by chance, read the first page and bought it. I was not disappointed. It was a wonderful read! A lot of “mystery” writers tell a good story, but they don’t catch the human element. I feel that I know these people, and that I would like them in my life. I was completely engaged. I am going out to buy your first book now and am looking forward to the third. Thanks from a fellow Nebraskan.”          —Virginia McGurk

“I have just finished reading your book, "Second Watch", and want to thank you for your wonderful rendering of police life - without all the vulgar language that usually goes along with this. Reading a novel without all the four letter words is so refreshing!  I know authors think they must depict police officers as tough, and this usually includes some truly foul dialogue, but I loved your characters Katherine and Grace, as well as Rigmor.  Thank you, again, for this "cop" book that deals with the possible horrors children today must be made aware of, yet also learn there are individuals in their neighborhoods who will care for them and look out for them.”          —Marion Woolford

“First Avenue is a rich, multi-faceted novel that has everything:  well-developed, diverse characters, societal commentary, an engrossing plot, excellent use of setting, judicious pacing—and heart. The unraveling of this mystery provides a poignant emotional dimension that sets it far above run-of-the-mill crime fiction.  This book is not to be missed.”         —Don Wall 

“First Avenue is wonderfully populated with convincing and engaging characters. What is so remarkable in this novel is the holding power of its deliberate pace and the gradual, mesmerizing accretion of detail which fleshes out the players.”         —Kizmin Reeves

“I am writing to thank you for letting me into your world.  I live in Britain and recently visited Orlando to do the theme parks.  A few days into the holiday I purchased your book and want to thank you again for spoiling my holiday as I couldn't put it down until I had finished it!  I wish you every success in the future.”             —Ian Morgan

“Just wanted to tell you we bought your first 2 books and thoroughly enjoyed them.  We're looking
forward to buying and reading the third.  You write well, express ideas well, move the reader, and portray characters adeptly.  We also enjoy the kayaking you write about. Good luck to you   —Milt and Gail Smith

“I am a 73 year old who has spent most of his life working in the criminal justice arena.  I understand very well many of the things you wrote about in First Avenue.  I've read extensively over the years - political, military, cop stuff, historical, you name it.  I must say, this is an entirely different type of writing - creative and well balanced - as you involve the cop genre.  It was a good read.  All details you used to make your story readable and believable demonstrated the obvious outgrowth of your training and education.  My congratulations!  I'm looking forward to your next work, no matter where it takes us.”        —C. J. Beddome

"Good.... but not great.  FIRST AVENUE is an impressive first novel. The characters are interesting but the overall tone of the book seemed a little dark and depressed. I know that the subject matter isn't one to be 'light' about, but the mood of the story and its hero was gloomy. The hero seemed incredibly down and out about his profession."       —Police Officer from Colorado

“I just finished your book, First Avenue, and I have to tell you I hope you write many, many more books.  What GREAT reading! My son is a police officer so I am hooked on police mysteries.  Keep up the excellent work!”          —Beth Gentry 

“I just finished reading First Avenue and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it! I had wrongly thought that it was your only novel and felt I had to let you know that you had a great writing talent and encourage you to write more!! I obviously was very happy when I saw that you had already written another book.   I will be a devoted fan.   Thank you.”          —Lynn Taylor   

“As a retired peace officer I want you to know how much I enjoyed your book. I was very impressed with your ability to create believable characters. Your characterization skills are excellent. I really enjoyed this, "not your usual" cop book. I hope you have another ready for release.”         —Ralph

“As a longtime journalist, I feel I'm a pretty good judge of writing, and I want you to know I am
enchanted and impressed with "First Avenue." I hated to see it end.”          —Lisa Schnebly Heidinger

“A wise woman loaned me a copy of First Avenue and told me I would like it. After reading the first chapter I knew she was right. Both your story line and your wonderful imagery carried my imagination to some unexpected places. I particularly like the juxtaposition of beauty and tawdriness and a "glimpse at the human beings that can be found in the shadows of skid row." ”          —B. Lynn Goodwin

“Our mystery book club, Literary Sleuths, met this morning, and I thought you might enjoy some feedback from this group.  Many members are lifetime readers of crime/mystery and are very knowledgeable and discerning.  Your book First Avenue was enjoyed and praised by all. The consensus was that your characters were well-drawn, believable and human. We appreciated the sensitivity to the women in the story and to people such as Henry and Silve.  We tend sometimes to forget that policemen, too, have compassionate feelings.  We also felt that the story line was very plausible, not contrived as so many are.  We are all "seniors" and appreciated your use of the English language, that obscenities were very minimal, and that, though violence is necessary to crime/mystery stories, you didn't wallow in the gory details.  Imagination and inference provide mightily for most of us. Again, thank you.”          —Nicki

“Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed First Avenue; a real page turner
filled with great characters and imagery.”         —Jeff Katz

“I am a long time mystery fan and am enchanted with your book. I hope it is just the first of many.  I wonder at you, Mr. Clausen. You look and sound like a big, tough cop, but your writing (especially in the scenes that expose your characters) is so tender, so sweet, so insightful, so full of compassion.  It felt real and made me feel that, as a human, I am connected to all other humans, and there is maybe hope for us in the midst of all the violence and hatred. You really are a poet, sir, if you can elicit feelings like that. Please keep writing.”          —Dorothy Loutfy

“I'm hooked!  Your novels transcend the 'usual' police novel by bringing us interesting and compelling characters and hypnotic storytelling.  The streets (and side streets) of Seattle are infused with a dark and dangerous atmosphere but with that ray of hope surreptitiously peeking through.”           —Chris Hawkins

“I have recently started your book 'Second Watch'.  I do not ever write to authors but have been so pleased with this book I thought I should let you know.  Most mystery novels are not a mystery after the first few chapters and they are so brutal and weak.  You have managed to add real people, culture, along with intellectual depth and still have a real plot going.  Thanks. I have ordered your first book and will await any future books.”          —Sandy  

“Thank you for First Avenue.  You have justified my belief- long held, though rarely reinforced- that a police novel can be erudite as well as entertaining.  Well done!”        —Pat Drown

“Without telling the reader what to think in your novel Third and Forever, you provided plenty to think about as you wove together these characters, their stories, and the juxtaposition of various cultures -- the homeless, the Kwakiutal, the Creole, football, and more.  I admit to sadness that this completes the trilogy -- I would like to know these people better. I look forward to your next tapestry!”         —Debbie Gerdes

“I have to say how moved I was by your novel. It really struck a cord with me. I am a female cop and have been one for eight years. I think that’s why I got so much out of your book. I have been recommending it to everyone - coworkers and people on some of the e-groups I am on. I am eagerly awaiting your next book.  Thank you and keep writing!”          —Cyndi

“I have never written to an author before, but I enjoyed your book and wanted to thank you for writing it. I am a curriculum writer and read mystery novels in my spare time. You write with insight and compassion and care about the people that live within the pages of your book. I imagine that you went through withdrawals when the book was completed and you no longer had reason to communicate through them. Hopefully your little group of "Seattle-ites" will be back and you can visit them again while sharing them with others.  Mr. Clausen, there is goodness in the world, even within those who have not found their way.  Thanks for setting an example for other writers.  We don't need so much darkness.  You have "let there be light" within the genre.  Good Luck on further efforts.”        —Lyn

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